Like falling back into forever 
Each time I softly close my eyes 
I'm floating back upon a river 
Into my once upon a time 

The night I met you 
There was magic in the air 
I didn't want to let you go 
The night I found you 
I wished to be your only prayer 
I wished it more than you could know 

Look at the stars and watch them fall 
I wish that I could catch them all 
And see the world behind them 
Hidden up in heaven 
I'd like to wipe away your tears 
And take away all of your fears 
And take you to the world 
That's hidden up in heaven 

Your face a glow of burning embers 
(Suddenly my heart filled with desire) 
Your hair fell soft upon your eyes 
(I could hear a moonlit serenade) 
Your silhouette and I remember 
(Everything around us was afire) 
That glance you gave and my reply 
(When I heard you calling out my name)