The Raven

An electropop adaptation of "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe was released on April 17th. To commemorate the 167th anniversary of the poem's first publication in 1845, a limited edition of 167 hand numbered CDs were made for the release. The video for "The Raven" is set against a backdrop of the original illustrations for the poem by Gustave Doré.

The limited edition set of 167 CDs is presented in a black digipak bearing the shadowy silhouette of the raven. Each case is individually hand numbered and monogrammed with a wax seal. The insert features the EP's cover art and a reprinting of the last verse of the poem in Poe's own handwriting. The CD includes all three tracks from the release.

1. The Raven
2. The Raven (lost robot extended remix)
3. The Raven (markymix)

Cover painting by Beth Davis. Track 2 remixed by lost robot. Track 3 remixed by markymix. Written by Edgar Allan Poe. Illustrations by Gustave Doré. Creative Commons License, 2012.

In The End

1. In The End
2. In The End (Michael Crain Mix)
3. In The End (markymix)
4. In The End (Acoustic)
5. In The End (12 Inch Mix)
6. Simplicity
7. In The End (Royal Visionaries Remix)
8. In The End (markymix disco)
9. Longer (Dan Fogelberg)
10. In The End (Instrumental)

Henna designs by La Pham Nikita. "In The End" is taken from the Haberdashery album "Tonight The Angels". Track 2 remixed by Michael Crain. Tracks 3 & 8 remixed by markymix. Track 7 remixed by Royal Visionaries. Track 9 written by Dan Fogelberg.

You Save My Life

1. You Save My Life
2. You Save My Life (markymix)
3. You Save My Life (Vista's Feeling Better Mix)
4. You Save My Life (mOOger's Haunted Mix)
5. You Save My Life (Acoustic)
6. You Save My Life (12 Inch Mix)
7. You Save My Life (Hyperbubble Remix)
8. You Save My Life (Spacebuoy Cosmic Dust Mix)
9. Unravel (Björk Cover)
10 .You Save My Life (Instrumental)

Henna designs by La Pham Nikita. "You Save My Life" is taken from the Haberdashery album "Tonight The Angels". Track 2 remixed by markymix. Track 3 remixed by Vista. Track 4 remixed by mOOger. Track 7 remixed by Hyperbubble. Track 8 remixed by Spacebuoy. Track 9 written by Björk Guðmundsdóttir and Guy Sigsworth.