2010 EP Series

1. Home (markymix Edit)
2. Stars (Original Demo)
3. Solitude (Instrumental)
4. Paradise (markymix)
5. The Last One That You Love (Sketch)
6. Two Become One (Original Demo)
7. Paradise (Instrumental)
8. Stars (markymix 2)
9. I Love You Too (A Cappella)
10. The Last One That You Love (Original Demo)
11. Stars (markymix 2 Meditate)
12. Two Become One (Lost Robot Fast Convergence Remix)
13. The Last One That You Love (Production 1)
14. Patience Waiting (Original Demo)
15. Haberdashery Interview (Part 1)
16. I Try To Tell You (markymix The Best Friend Edit)
17. Tonight Is Forever (Original Demo)
18. Home (Instrumental)
19. Two Become One (markymix Edit)
20. Tonight Is Forever (Production 1)
21. Stars (12 inch mix)
22. The Answer (Original Demo)
23. Air (markymix Instrumental)
24. Tonight Is Forever (Strings)
25. Stars (TPC! Celebrate Desire edit)
26. The Last One That You Love (Production 2)
27. Valence Megamix
28. The Greatest Heights (Synthetik FM extended mix)
29. Stay (Original Demo)
30. Valence (markymix)
31. I Love You Too (Destination 'Key Of Bliss' Edit)
32. I Try To Tell You (Bispatial Extended Mix)
33. Home (markymix)
34. Two Become One (Voltage Controlled Extended Mix)
35. The Last One That You Love (Production 3)
36. I Love You Too (markymix Extended)
37. Two Become One (Instant Infant Extended Remix)
38. I Love You Too (Techno Battle Bot Arena Mix)
39. Lightning (Synthetik FM Dawning Of the Day Mix)
40. Out Of Me (markymix)

Paintings by Beth Davis.