Remix for Front & Centre

In October, the synthpop duo Front & Centre rereleased their iconic 1996 self titled album, and a new single is available for one of the tracks - “Moving On”. The single features remixes by MatthiasFidgital, and Haberdashery, along with a remastered version of the original song. The Haberdashery remix can be heard here, and the single is also available on itunes.

1. Moving On (Matthias Mix)
2. Moving On (Fidgital Mix)
3. Moving On (Haberdashery Mix)
4. Moving On (1996 Remastered)

Après Nouveau 2

“Après Nouveau 2” is the second in a series of EPs following the 2015 album, “Nouveau”. New remixes from mOOger!, Destination, markymix, and Michael Crain are accompanied by an extended version of “Do It Again” and a cover of Shania Twain’s “Forever And For Always”. An orchestral arrangement of “Do It Again”, featuring Morgan Pearlman on cello, rounds out the EP.

1. Do It Again (mOOger! Mix)
2. Back To Home (Destination's Magic Number Mix)
3. Take A Little Time (markymix)
4. Forever And For Always (Shania Twain Cover)
5. Do It Again (12 Inch Mix)
6. Waiting For The Day (markymix)
7. Champagne Sky (Michael Crain Remix)
8. Do It Again (Orchestral feat. Morgan Pearlman)

Do It Again

A music video for "Do It Again" is out. The video is made up of repeating footage taken by Morgan Pearlman on a recent trip to Madrid. The repetitive and often jarring rhythm of the video is reminiscent of the Surrealist style of Fernand Léger, in films like "Ballet Mécanique" - echoing the sentiment of the song. "Do It again" is taken from the 2015 Haberdashery album, "Nouveau".

Figaro Remix

Over the summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to remix again, this time for synthpop band Shelter. "Figaro" is the first single from their fantastic new album, "Ascend". Shelter supported Erasure on their Violet Flame tour in 2014. The Remix EP is available on iTunes, and can be previewed below. Mixes by DJ Jekyll, Matthias, and Breathe Of My Leaves complete the 4 track EP.

From "Figaro" The Remixes will be released shortly via The Ministry Of Pop label as a digital download worldwide. This 4 X track remix download will include remixes from the fabulous 'Haberdashery' (Stephen Pearlman) 'Front & Centre' (Matt Danforth) 'Breathe of My Leaves' (Stephano Barberis) & of course 'Shelter' (DJ Jekyll).

Après Nouveau 1

“Après Nouveau 1” is the first in a series of EPs that follow the 2015 album, “Nouveau”. The EP is comprised of new remixes from markymix, Matthias, and People Theatre, along with a remake of 2004’s “Close To You” by markymix. The EP also features two new cover songs, “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac, and “Love 2 the 9’s”, by Prince.

1. Back To Home (Matthias Remix)
2. Everywhere
3. Nouveau (People Theatre’s Circle Mix)
4. Close To You (markymix)
5. Love 2 the 9's
6. Nouveau (markymix)

Track 1 remixed by Matthias, Track 2 written by Christine McVie, Track 3 remixed by People Theatre, Tracks 4 & 6 remixed by markymix, Track 5 written by Prince Rogers Nelson.

Eloquent Remixes

Synthpop band Eloquent has announced a remix collection, which features new mixes of 16 songs from their catalog. A Haberdashery remix is included, along with contributions from Synthetik FM, People Theatre, Nordika, and many others.