BluBoy Artwork

For the 2009 Christmas EP, Haberdashery commissioned BluBoy for a unique new cover art design. BluBoy comics is drawn and written by Ryan Spencer.

I Love You Too

"I Love You Too" is the fourth  single from the Haberdashery album, "Valence". The tracklist includes  energetic remixes from Destination, Bispatial, davidmahr, Javier  Zubizarreta, and Synthetik FM. The b-sides for the single are  Haberdashery's new cover of "New Favorite", originally performed by  Alison Krauss and written by Gillian Welch, and a Spanish version of "I  Love You Too", translated by Leonel Benavides, Jr. Concluding the single  is markymix's beautifully haunting interpretation of the title track. A  grassroots video comprised of fan photos was also created to coincide  with the release of the single.

1. I Love You Too
2. I Love You Too (Destination's 'Key Of Bliss' Remix)
3. I Love You Too (Madsen & Bispatial Remix)
4. I Love You Too (Techno Battle Bot Mix)
5. Two Become One (Voltage Controlled Mix)
6. The Greatest Heights (Synthetik FM Mix)
7. I Love You Too (Me Amas Tambien)
8. I Love You Too (Instrumental)
9. New Favorite (Alison Krauss & Union Station)
10. I Love You Too (markymix)


"Stars" is a layered, melodious synthpop love song of the most ardent variety. Remixes by The Psyche Celebration!  and markymix offer a danceable and 8bit spin on the song and accompany variations on the album version. A brand new version of "Two Become  One",  the Instant Infant Remix (by Jens Lyd and Brian Belloni) brings a distinctly European energy to the track. A 2009 version of Haberdashery's 2004 track "I'm Lost", revolving around unrequited love, makes for a perfect counter to the joyous title track. The "Stars" video is set to the 8bit Chiptune markymix and features Cubism visualizations by Cody Williams and additional production by markymix.

1. Stars (Single Version)
2. Stars (8bit Chiptune markymix)
3. Stars (TPC! Celebrate Desire)
4. Two Become One (Instant Infant Remix)
5. Stars (Instrumental)
6. Stars (Elemental)
7. I'm Lost (2009)


Haberdashery confidently marches into new electronic territory with "Valence". The fourth full-length offering features ten brand new tracks ranging from soaring uptempo tunes to evocative and thoughtful synthpop serenades. Stephen's vocal harmonies and electronic synth beeps blend seamlessly with piano and strings in a delightful expression of his signature sound. "Two Become One" and "I Try To Tell You" will keep toes tapping with their irresistible melodies and bouncing bass lines while tracks like "Eternity" and "Paradise" are a harmonic treat for the listener. Haberdashery's fourth album sparkles with brilliance and electropop sensibilities.

1. Paradise
2. Two Become One
3. Take It Slow
4. Valence
5. Stars
6. I Love You Too
7. I Try To Tell You
8. Home
9. Eternity
10. Out Of Me

I Try To Tell You

"I Try To Tell You" is the second single from "Valence”. The release is an irresistible synthpop track and catchy love song that'll have you singing along with a smile on your face. A sample-tastic remix by Markymix amps up the energy and a  fresh and danceable remix by Bispatial accompany an extended remix. Rounding out the 5 track release is Haberdashery's cover of Over The Rhine's "Latter Days". 

1. I Try To Tell You
2. I Try To Tell You (12 Inch Mix)
3. I Try To Tell You (markymix)
4. I Try To Tell You (Bispatial Mix)
5. Latter Days (Over The Rhine)

Two Become One

The kickoff single for “Valence", is "Two Become One," a bright and cheerful summery synthpop song. A club-worthy remix by Markymix and an unexpected Japanese interpretation by Sabrina accompany an extended remix. Rounding out the release is Haberdashery's lilting cover of Rufus Wainwright's "Poses".

1. Two Become One
2. Two Become One (12 inch mix)
3. Two Become One (markymix)
4. Two Become One (markymix vocoder edit)
5. Two Become One (matsuri mix)
6. Poses (Rufus Wainwright)

Timothy Wright

Famed Chicago artist and educator, Timothy Wright, was commissioned to create a series of five original pieces of art for the 2009 Haberdashery "Valence" releases. Tim is also created an exclusive font by painting each letter used in the album artwork, and the numbers one through ten.

Lightning 2

The last Haberdashery single from “Aletheia” is part two of the "Lightning" singles. It includes two new remixes by Markymix and Subject/Object. Remixes of "Air", "Slowly" and a bonus track are exclusive to this release.

1. Lightning (markymix 2)
2. Lightning (subject object mix)
3. Slowly (even slower mix)
4. Air (markymix)
5. The Dark


The third single from"Aletheia” is "Lightning," an energetic love song. The release includes two new remixes by Markymix and Synthetik FM. Bonus remixes of "Addiction", "The Window" and "You Drift Away" are exclusive to this release.

1. Lightning
2. Lightning (markymix 1)
3. Lightning (SynthetikFM)
4. Addiction (markymix 2)
5. The Window (markymix)
6. You Drift Away (Let You Go Mix)