Patience Waiting

Patience Waiting is the gorgeous second single from "Aletheia”. It It follows "The Greatest Heights" single, and includes three remixes and a bonus track.

1. Patience Waiting
2. Patience Waiting (markymix Edit)
3. Patience Waiting (markymix)
4. Addiction
5. Addiction (markymix 1)


Aletheia is the third full-length release from Haberdashery. The album features ten tracks of flowing new romantic synth-pop. Melodic electronic arrangements and lush vocal harmonies intertwine to provide a sublime musical experience. Our shifting relationships with Love, God, Nature and Ourselves are woven through the lyrics and the music alike.

From Todd Durrant of A Different Drum: "This is a very pleasant, melodic synthpop album where the male voice is as smooth as silk. It sounds like a bouncier, synth-enhanced version of somebody like Frazier Chorus. This sounds like something that could have come out in the late 80's or early 90's and risen to the top."

1. The Greatest Heights
2. Hold Me Close
3. Lift Me Up
4. Solitude
5. Slowly
6. Lightning
7. Patience Waiting
8. The Window
9. The Thousand Yesterdays
10. Air

The Greatest Heights

Haberdashery's first single from "Aletheia" is synth-pop for the contemplative. Deeply layered instrumentation and vocals meld with thought provoking lyrics for a 5:45 journey of pop perfection. Remixes and a bonus track round out this 7 track single.

1. The Greatest Heights
2. The Greatest Heights (markymix)
3. The Greatest Heights (7 inch)
4. The Greatest Heights (Darkest Night Mix)
5. Alone
6. Alone (markymix)
7. Alone (markymix edit)

Erasure EP

Four under-the-radar Erasure tracks have been re-imagined by Haberdashery in a pure synthpop style. New vocal harmonies pique the ear of the listener who is familiar with these songs, while a fresh and lush electronic treatment is sure to give the casual listener a fair amount of ear-candy. The artists' love for Vince Clarke and Andy Bell comes through in these cover versions and it's clear that he has his own musical style that meshes well with these four timeless songs.

1. Piano Song
2. Spiralling
3. Mad As We Are
4. Tenderest Moments

Artwork by Beth Davis. All tracks written by Clarke/Bell.