Poor, sad, lonely you goes synthpop. Mainly produced using the ES1 and a basic set of string and piano patches, vamp often has a warm analog tone, though it sometimes leaves you feeling like you're in a cold dark room. Vamp is the kind of album that sticks in your head after a few listens. The upbeat melodies of "Addiction" and "This Doesn't Hurt At All" belie the pensive themes while the lush echoplex of "Beautiful" is the kind of love ballad everyone wants sung to them. Dulcet synths pair perfectly with Stephen's vocal stylings, offering the listener a plush and luxuriant journey. You could say that the album has an overall brooding theme, but it's rarely morbid. It's more often a contemplative examination of the imperfect experience of being human.

1. You Drift Away
2. Addiction
3. This Doesn't Hurt At All
4. So Much For Your Escape
5. The Key
6. Alone
7. Beautiful
8. Anything You Ask
9. Broken
10. Point Of No Return