The Answer

"The Answer", the seventh single from the 2011 Haberdashery album, is released. The August release features remixes by markymix, Lost Robot, kikai, Empire State Human, and Cosmicity. A 12 inch mix and an acoustic recording accompany a new synthpop rendition of Grizzly Bear's "Two Weeks" to complete the single. A website exclusive instrumental version is also part of the digital download.

1. The Answer
2. The Answer (markymix)
3. The Answer (Lost Robot Late Night Remix)
4. The Answer (Acoustic)
5. The Answer (kikai Edit)
6. The Answer (12 Inch Mix)
7. The Answer (Empire State Human Remix)
8. The Answer (Cosmicity Remix)
9. Two Weeks
10. The Answer (Instrumental)

Henna designs by La Pham Nikita. "The Answer" is taken from the Haberdashery album, "Tonight The Angels". Track 2 remixed by markymix. Track 3 remixed by Lost Robot. Track 5 remixed by kikai. Track 7 remixed by Empire State Human. Track 9 remixed by Cosmicity. Track 10 written by Edward Droste, Daniel Rossen, Christopher Bear, and Michael Taylor.