Après Nouveau 3

"Après Nouveau 3" is the final part of the EP series following the 2015 album, “Nouveau”. The instrumental versions of all ten songs from the album are followed by a track by track audio commentary.

1. Nouveau (Instrumental)
2. Take A Little Time (Instrumental)
3. Do It Again (Instrumental)
4. Waiting For The Day (Instrumental)
5. Melt (Instrumental)
6. Run Away (Instrumental)
7. Delicate (Instrumental)
8. This Time Will Be Different (Instrumental)
9. Back To Home (Instrumental)
10. Champagne Sky (Instrumental)
11. Nouveau (Commentary)
12. Take A Little Time (Commentary)
13. Do It Again (Commentary)
14. Waiting For The Day (Commentary)
15. Melt (Commentary)
16. Run Away (Commentary)
17. Delicate (Commentary)
18. This Time Will Be Different (Commentary)
19. Back To Home (Commentary)
20. Champagne Sky (Commentary)