Forever And For Always

A music video for “Forever And For Always” is out. The imagery is drawn from the work of Nouveau artists Alphonse Mucha and Louis Comfort Tiffany. The scenes were animated using Adobe’s Character Animator. “Forever And For Always” is taken from the 2016 EP, “Après Nouveau 2”.

Après Nouveau 3

"Après Nouveau 3" is the final part of the EP series following the 2015 album, “Nouveau”. The instrumental versions of all ten songs from the album are followed by a track by track audio commentary.

1. Nouveau (Instrumental)
2. Take A Little Time (Instrumental)
3. Do It Again (Instrumental)
4. Waiting For The Day (Instrumental)
5. Melt (Instrumental)
6. Run Away (Instrumental)
7. Delicate (Instrumental)
8. This Time Will Be Different (Instrumental)
9. Back To Home (Instrumental)
10. Champagne Sky (Instrumental)
11. Nouveau (Commentary)
12. Take A Little Time (Commentary)
13. Do It Again (Commentary)
14. Waiting For The Day (Commentary)
15. Melt (Commentary)
16. Run Away (Commentary)
17. Delicate (Commentary)
18. This Time Will Be Different (Commentary)
19. Back To Home (Commentary)
20. Champagne Sky (Commentary)

Remix for Front & Centre

In October, the synthpop duo Front & Centre rereleased their iconic 1996 self titled album, and a new single is available for one of the tracks - “Moving On”. The single features remixes by MatthiasFidgital, and Haberdashery, along with a remastered version of the original song. The Haberdashery remix can be heard here, and the single is also available on itunes.

1. Moving On (Matthias Mix)
2. Moving On (Fidgital Mix)
3. Moving On (Haberdashery Mix)
4. Moving On (1996 Remastered)

Après Nouveau 2

“Après Nouveau 2” is the second in a series of EPs following the 2015 album, “Nouveau”. New remixes from mOOger!, Destination, markymix, and Michael Crain are accompanied by an extended version of “Do It Again” and a cover of Shania Twain’s “Forever And For Always”. An orchestral arrangement of “Do It Again”, featuring Morgan Pearlman on cello, rounds out the EP.

1. Do It Again (mOOger! Mix)
2. Back To Home (Destination's Magic Number Mix)
3. Take A Little Time (markymix)
4. Forever And For Always (Shania Twain Cover)
5. Do It Again (12 Inch Mix)
6. Waiting For The Day (markymix)
7. Champagne Sky (Michael Crain Remix)
8. Do It Again (Orchestral feat. Morgan Pearlman)

Do It Again

A music video for "Do It Again" is out. The video is made up of repeating footage taken by Morgan Pearlman on a recent trip to Madrid. The repetitive and often jarring rhythm of the video is reminiscent of the Surrealist style of Fernand Léger, in films like "Ballet Mécanique" - echoing the sentiment of the song. "Do It again" is taken from the 2015 Haberdashery album, "Nouveau".

Figaro Remix

Over the summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to remix again, this time for synthpop band Shelter. "Figaro" is the first single from their fantastic new album, "Ascend". Shelter supported Erasure on their Violet Flame tour in 2014. The Remix EP is available on iTunes, and can be previewed below. Mixes by DJ Jekyll, Matthias, and Breathe Of My Leaves complete the 4 track EP.

From "Figaro" The Remixes will be released shortly via The Ministry Of Pop label as a digital download worldwide. This 4 X track remix download will include remixes from the fabulous 'Haberdashery' (Stephen Pearlman) 'Front & Centre' (Matt Danforth) 'Breathe of My Leaves' (Stephano Barberis) & of course 'Shelter' (DJ Jekyll).

Après Nouveau 1

“Après Nouveau 1” is the first in a series of EPs that follow the 2015 album, “Nouveau”. The EP is comprised of new remixes from markymix, Matthias, and People Theatre, along with a remake of 2004’s “Close To You” by markymix. The EP also features two new cover songs, “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac, and “Love 2 the 9’s”, by Prince.

1. Back To Home (Matthias Remix)
2. Everywhere
3. Nouveau (People Theatre’s Circle Mix)
4. Close To You (markymix)
5. Love 2 the 9's
6. Nouveau (markymix)

Track 1 remixed by Matthias, Track 2 written by Christine McVie, Track 3 remixed by People Theatre, Tracks 4 & 6 remixed by markymix, Track 5 written by Prince Rogers Nelson.

Eloquent Remixes

Synthpop band Eloquent has announced a remix collection, which features new mixes of 16 songs from their catalog. A Haberdashery remix is included, along with contributions from Synthetik FM, People Theatre, Nordika, and many others.


The final addition to the Haberdashery Christmas EP is "Auld Lang Syne", a synthpop update to a traditional Year End song. The new track follows nine more holiday carols. A CD version of the EP featuring all ten songs is also available. Happy Holidays!

Click here to view both format options.

1. Carol Of The Bells
2. Little Drummer Boy
3. O Holy Night
4. Silent Night
5. Stille Nacht
6 .The First Noel
7. O Come O Come Emmanuel
8. White Christmas
9. Spend The Winter
10. Auld Lang Syne

Downloadable Ornaments

Downloadable Ornaments

Click the Image to download these hand-drawn Ornaments.


The sixth Haberdashery album, "Nouveau", is released. Ten new synthpop tracks are available on CD and digital download. A special limited edition wood case by Sarah Mimo is also available.

Click here to view all format options.

1. Nouveau
2. Take A Little Time
3. Do It Again
4. Waiting For The Day
5. Melt
6. Run Away
7. Delicate
8. This Time Will Be Different
9. Back To Home
10. Champagne Sky

The special Limited Edition version of "Nouveau" is presented in an exquisite wood case created by artist Sarah Mimo. The case is clasped closed with a purple ribbon, and the track list is burned into the back of the case.

Jewel case CD edition includes liner notes with lyrics to all ten songs.


Over the summer, my friend Bobby Clark (Synthetik FM), invited me to collaborate on some new music of his. He asked me to contribute lyrics and a vocals to a song he had been working on. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t have to think about the music at all! Bobby had the song pretty much done by the time he gave it to me.

The main synth melody he had written into the music lent itself really well to a vocal arrangement, so I ended up basing a lot of the lyrical motif on that. I sketched the words for the chorus while we were off on a road trip, and the verses came shortly after.

After getting back home, I recorded all the vocals, and edited throughout August. Once Bobby finished it all up, we posted the song in September.

Soul Vox.png

Pet Shop Boys EP

The new Haberdashery EP, "Pet Shop Boys", is released. Four cover songs drawing from a wide range of the Pet Shop Boys' catalog comprise the album. Though the CD edition is no longer available, the digital download contains the EP plus artwork and instrumental versions of each track.

All tracks written by Tennant/Lowe, and published by Sony/ATV Tunes LLC. "So Hard" produced by markymix.

Indie Royale offers "The Raven"

Indie Royale, an online video game bundling service, will offer "The Raven" as a promotional download with their new release - "Debut 3". Starting July 8th, those who order the new bundle will receive a free download of "The Raven".

New Studio

After another recent move, I've finally set up the studio again. The environment is even better than before, and I can't wait to start recording! The next project is going to be a few cover versions of some of my favorite Pet Shop Boys songs, and I hope to release it this winter. After that, I'll record another song for the Christmas EP, and then start work on a new Haberdashery album.