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(Single - September 29, 2009)

"Stars" is a layered, melodious synthpop lovesong of the most ardent variety. Remixes by The Psyche Celebration! and markymix offer a danceable and 8bit spin on the song and accompany variations on the album version. A brand new version of "Two Become One", the Instant Infant Remix (by Jens Lyd and Brian Belloni) brings a distinctly european engergy to the track. A 2009 version of Haberdashery's 2004 track "I'm Lost", revolving around unrequited love, makes for a perfect counter to the unabashedly joyous title track.

The "Stars" video is set to the 8bit Chiptune markymix and features Cubism visualizations by Cody Williams and additional production by markymix.

  1. Stars (Single Version)
  2. Stars (8bit Chiptune markymix)
  3. Stars (TPC! Celebrate Desire)
  4. Two Become One (Instant Infant Remix)
  5. Stars (Instrumental)
  6. Stars (Elemental)
  7. I'm Lost (2009)

“Stars” is taken from the Haberdashery album “Valence”. Painting by Timothy Wright. Track 2 remixed by markymix. Track 3 remixed by The Psyche Celebration! Track 4 remixed by Jens Lyd & Brian Belloni.