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I Try To Tell You

(Single - July 31, 2009)

The second single "I Try To Tell You" from "Valence", is an irresistible synthpop track.  "I Try To Tell You" is a catchy lovesong that'll have you singing along with a smile on your face. A sample-tastic remix by Markymix amps up the energy and a fresh and danceable remix by Bispatial accompany an extended remix. Rounding out the 5 track release is Haberdashery's cover of Over The Rhine's "Latter Days".

  1. I Try To Tell You
  2. I Try To Tell You (12 Inch Mix)
  3. I Try To Tell You (markymix)
  4. I Try To Tell You (Bispatial Mix)
  5. Latter Days

“I Try To Tell You” taken from the album “Valence”. Painting by Timothy Wright. Track 3 remixed by markymix. Track 4 remixed by Bispatial. Track 5 written by Linford Detweiler & Karin Bergquist.
c. 2009 Haberdashery