Après Nouveau 2

Apres Nouveau 2 1000

(EP - September 23, 2016)

“Après Nouveau 2” is the second in a series of EPs following the 2015 album, “Nouveau”. New remixes from mOOger!, Destination, markymix, and Michael Crain are accompanied by an extended version of “Do It Again” and a cover of Shania Twain’s “Forever And For Always”. An orchestral arrangement of “Do It Again”, featuring Morgan Pearlman on cello, rounds out the EP.

1. Do It Again (mOOger! Mix)
2. Back To Home (Destination's Magic Number Mix)
3. Take A Little Time (markymix)
4. Forever And For Always
5. Do It Again (12 Inch Mix)
6. Waiting For The Day (markymix)
7. Champagne Sky (Michael Crain Remix)
8. Do It Again (Orchestral featuring Morgan Pearlman)

Track 1 remixed by mOOger!, Track 2 remixed by Destination, Tracks 3 & 6 remixed by markymix, Track 4 written by Shania Twain and Robert Lange, Track 7 remixed by Michael Crain, Cello arrangement on Track 8 performed by Morgan Pearlman.